The Intelligent

Smart Home.

An EDGEhome Smart Home frees up time for the important things in life.

Unique Patented Dimming

Tamper Resistant Outlets

iOS and Android Cloud Service

Saving Energy.

Is Smart.

Turn off your upstairs lights from your couch, or turn off a forgotten iron from the airport.

Built-in wireless intelligence

Information to make you a smarter consumer

Smart Home control with just a touch

Movie night.

At a single touch.

Set the scene with a single touch whether you’re throwing a dinner party, hosting movie night or running holiday lights.

Switch between scenes instantly

Gain peace of mind from lighting timers

Remove the "energy vampires" from your home

Smart Home control.

From anywhere.

Easily see & control every light and outlet in your home—whether you’re at home or away.

Live the Smart Home lifestyle

Manage family screen time

Turn off the lights from anywhere

EDGEhome is a turnkey, Smart Home solution that’s purposefully built to be simple and affordable. EDGEhome delivers all the cool Smart Home functionality of the future you see on TV by replacing your existing switches, outlets and lighting fixtures with intelligent wireless sensors. Everything looks the same, there are no unsightly plug-ins, but the intelligence built into EDGEhome provides you complete visibility and control of your home from your smart phone or tablet. There’s no monthly fee. Just elegant, affordable, intelligent whole-home control. It’s the Smart Home re-imagined.


How to get EDGEhome™

EDGEhome™ is available through select builders and solar energy providers.

News & Events

The EDGEhome Smart Home won the 2015 SXSW Interactive Award for Sustainable Technology!